Sharing…great news!

It’s been a while…

…but, I haven’t stopped writing.  I have great news!

I’ve been writing as an official contributing blogger for Everything Girl’s Love ( in the wellness section.

Now that I have a rhythm  to my schedule, I will be able to write more.  In the mean time, I’d like to share one of my other posts with you, enjoy.

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Written by Victoria Grayson

One of the most important and meaningful relationships you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself.  A healthy and loving self-relationship is the basis for having healthy relationships with others.  When you have a healthy sense of self love, you will treat yourself and others better.

A healthy sense of self love requires awareness and self-reflection.  This means that you have to take quiet time for yourself.  Whether this is a 20 minute meditation, or a hot bath, or even just sitting quietly, it is important to reflect often to get to know yourself.

Here is a self-reflection exercise that I suggest to bring awareness to your level of self-love.

1. Observe your thoughts for at least one hour.  This will require vigilance, so I suggest that doing it at home, maybe while you do housework like washing dishes or doing laundry. Just observe your thoughts.  Don’t judge, don’t change, just observe.  Pay special attention to these moments.

 2. After observing your thoughts, sit down and reflect on what you were thinking.  I suggest writing it down.  By writing down your thoughts you will create visual impact.  This impact is important because it will bring more awareness to the relationship you have with yourself.

 3. Now that you have observed and reflected on your thoughts, ask yourself this question, “If someone I knew spoke to me this way, would I believe that they loved me?”

4. Finally, take the observations and what you have written down and change them.  Say things to yourself like, “I love you.”  Or “I am beautiful.” Or “I am a winner.”

Whatever the dialogue you choose, speak empowerment, speak love.  This is the time where you increase your capacity and overflow your cup of love.

This is a powerful awareness exercise.  You must be honest in order to give yourself the love that you need.  After this exercise, do a little something extra.  Polish your nails, take a hot bath, put on some sexy lingerie, whatever you chose, do something that makes you feel good.  Romance yourself and treat yourself with love. 

Featured Image: Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra



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