Inner Conversations II

So….in the last post I talked about inner conversations and how they affect our relationships with others.  I gave my self the challenge of changing the inner conversations I have with myself and with other people.

I found out quickly that this wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I found that every time I started an inner conversation with someone it eventually turned argumentative. Not like I was having a scream fest in my head with the other person, but it always lead to me trying to prove I was right somehow.  I was either imagining that the person was apologetic and that I was pointing out all the reasons why they should be sorry or I was just plain saying things that I thought they should have done.

Needless to say, those conversations were not helping me. It was the same conversation, it just started differently.

This lead me to continue reading more and more about Neville and his ideas of how imagination creates our world. I needed help and I knew that I would find it if I just kept going.  And I did find it.

Neville wrote a book, The Law and The Promise, and with in the very first few pages I found the answer.  Revision. Yes, revision. He basically says that our power to revise the days events or revise a past event in our mind is what will help us to come away from the current conversation. To imagine the thing that happened happening as you wanted it to happen is the key to changing the conversation in your mind. The key to changing the relationships in your life. (Hey, that’s a lot of h’s, lol).

I have, daily, been training my imagination and attention. There is one exercise that Neville suggests to train our attention and that is, as we lay down to sleep, replay the days events backwards all the way until the time you woke up that morning.  I’m still working on that, its not as easy as it sounds. The mind works out of habit and will always go back to its default process unless something new is introduced and ingrained.

I know this is a short post but I wanted to write something and see if anyone has had any experiences in these types of things and also to see what kind of results you’ve seen from practicing new conversations.

Love life and life will love you back.

One Response to “Inner Conversations II”
  1. Neshaboo says:

    Per our conversation this morning…. Listen to the conversation you are having with yourself!!!!!

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