Inner Conversations

Red Frog Beach

Panama 2012

I had this book in my queue to read for a while, maybe six months or so, and I finally got around to reading it.

I was actually inspired to read it after watching this Wayne Dyer special again.

The book, The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard, is a metaphysical type book.  Its another book about creating things with your thoughts.

However, this book delves deeply into what that means.  It uses a lot of bible verses and Neville interprets what those verses mean.

Now, I’m not a very religious person, in the least. I believe that religion is misused and used for control of behavior.  That may be controversial but I’m entitled to think how I please about it.  There are many religious people and leaders that do things….I’ll just leave it at people can be hypocrites and judgmental sometimes.

I am spiritual. Spiritual, as in I am on a continuous journey to understand life and how it works. Spiritual, as in I do good things because I feel good about it and not because a book tells me to do it. Spiritual, as in I believe that God is in all of us and that our journeys are individual.

Anyway, this book, The Power of Awareness, led me to read and listen to more of Neville Goddard’s work. I came across a lecture that he gave once on our “self talk”.  He talked about how we all indulge in talking to ourselves and that we could not avoid it, which, if you think about it, is true.

We constantly have silent conversations in our heads.  Sometimes they are with ourselves and sometimes they are with others.  If you observe your “self talk” you notice that they are either argumentative or negative. Admit it, we’ve all practiced a script in our minds about a conversation that we are going to have with someone, perhaps a boyfriend/girlfriend, our boss, co-worker, etc.

We are always having these conversations. We can’t stop it, but as Neville points out in his lecture, we can only control the direction of our “self talks”.  We can direct our inner conversations to be positive or negative.

“…for others only echo that which we whisper to them in secret.”

This quote comes from the book and is addressing the fact that people merely mirror to us the way we think they are and he goes on to talk about how we can affect how someone is by merely changing how we think of them.

When I did a spiritual/emotional cleanse in January I became aware of my inner dialogue with myself. I noticed how I had the typical type of dialogue that everyone has with themselves. I was negative, I talked down to myself, I was not encouraging myself…I mean it wasn’t externally obvious because I was always “positive” in a superficial kind of way. When I realized that what I was saying and how I was feeling inside was not moving me forward, I made the commitment to transform my inner dialogue.

I started doing these daily affirmations which, if you have done them before, you know that they don’t work, unless you understand what’s going on with you emotionally and mentally.

I began to have daily conversations with myself that were inquisitive.  For instance, when I would notice that I was being negative, like calling myself fat or ugly, I would look myself in the eye, I would look at my body and I would start asking myself questions.

Questions like: “Why do you think you’re fat?”

“Why do you think you are ugly?”

“Why do you feel like you are not enough?”

Then the conversation with myself would change and I could then use affirmations that helped me beyond that negative self talk. I am now more aware of when I am not being loving to myself and I can quickly re-direct my thoughts and love myself exactly the way I know I want to be loved.

With this book, however, I realized that I also had inner dialogue with other people, and that those conversations were also negative. I have these arguments or conversations in my head with people that were not necessarily about the best things.  The conversations, I notice, are always in expectation of the worst from the other person.

This made me realize that now that I am aware, I also need to change my inner conversations with others. I don’t need to have negative conversations with people in my mind.

What does it say about me that I expect these types of experiences or scripts with people?

Why shouldn’t I expect the best from people?

Why shouldn’t I expect that I will have a favorable result in interacting with them?

What could it hurt?

How much would my life transform if i changed the conversations in my head with others?

How much would my relationships with others change if I changed how I secretly “talked” to them?

These are the things that have come up for me since reading this book.  There have been other things and I’m sure as I continue to study the concepts in this book, more things will come up.

I’ve started the process of transforming my inner conversations. Now that I am more aware, I catch myself.

I turn the conversation around.

I make the conversation happy, favorable, and in expectancy of wonderful things….things that I want to happen.

If you follow me on this blog and you have thoughts, please share.

Please be patient with me as I find my blogging voice. Thanks for reading!


Love life and life will love you back!


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