Hi! My name is Victoria, Queen Victoria if you’re nasty….


Yeah, I’m that girl who will sometimes use cliche blog titles…sue me.

Ok, so I’ve given myself a challenge to increase my blog posting to at least once a week  or moreover the next 30 days.

I am participating in a “cleanse” with a couple of really good friends and that means taking away and adding.  I’m taking away some things that aren’t helping me to move forward in life and I’m adding the things that make me happy, like writing :).

I feel like since we’ll be getting to know each other better, that it would be appropriate to let you guys know a little bit more about me.





I AM….

Okay, seriously though, I am but this isn’t me trying to be egotistical.  I mean, if I don’t see the best in myself, why would anyone else?

I’m a very extraordinary girl with many talents, a big heart, lots of compassion, a desire to change the world for the better starting with myself.

You’ll see all kinds of blog posts from me: product reviews, emotional rants, uplifting messages, funny videos, etc.

You will be thoroughly entertained, uplifted, and inspired.

There will be no shortages of laughs, of course.

You won’t see any of those horrible videos or posts that perpetuate negativity or ignorance.

You will probably see more than your fair share of nail polish pictures and posts, cause, like many of the bloggers that I follow, I’m a nail polish fiend! I’ve got hundreds!

You will also probably see posts of my hilarious conversations with my very best guy friend…he is a riot. I’ll steal some of his material but *shrugs*….

I may even re-post from some of my favorite bloggers, of course….don’t all bloggers do that?

I am a Yogi…lots to learn there still but I love yoga and have made it a big part of my life…

So…there’s just a little bit about me. And right now, I know I only have 1 official follower and 1 creeping follower (un-named guy best friend), but if you’d like to share more about yourself here, I’d love to know more about you!


Love life and life will love you back.


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